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Legacy of Lineage2Dreams clans expected :RedKnights

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Hi i am here to preset to you our project. Our server is a Hi5/PVP/Mid-High rate server with a few modifications. Supporting us you support yourself , everything we are building is for you , he players with no out of control donations , no out of control classes and so on. Please bring your friends and give us a try , you will not regret choosing us , our project is a long term one, we are not here to give up after 1-2 months we are playing Lineage2 since we where little so trust me , trust US Lineage2Ireal Staff will not dissapoint you. We the staff of this server are normal players exactly like you and like any other player. 5 Months ago we started on a journey that brought us here today to try to make the BEST Lineage 2 server. Let me preset to you our server : PS : This is a VERY SMALL part of what Lineage2Ireal actualy is.

Hisatsu , Saurons Army ,The Regulators,WayToFreedom

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– 50x Pvp Server. – Highly secured server. – Experienced Team. – Stable. No lag. – Antibot System. – Rebirth System.

Custom Gameplay – Custom Economy. – Custom Playgrounds. – Custom Events. – Custom Stores.

Enchant Info – Safe: +4, Max: +25. – Rate: 69%, with Blessed & Normal Scrolls.

Salvation,Saints Of Gods !! and many more !

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I must say that everything you see here is just the beginning of the rewards pool every day we are adding something more and more. -First Epic Raid Killed : 150 Euro / Upgraded to 150 ( a few hours ago ) -First Player with 3 rebirths / lvl 85 : 25 Coins -The Player with most refered friend on forum : 50 Euro. -First 3 Players from (Survival/TeamvsTeam/Deathmatch) Rankings :75 Euro Transaction PayPal/Bank Account on Stream Live !

For any kind of information don't hesitate to go on our Forums in the Events topic and read all about and if you have any suggestion about a new event/reward please let us know.

Lineage2Ireal Staff.

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I do not know Honestly where to start from , we have so many attractions , that we don't even have the space here on Twitch but lets start with a few : 4 Sepulcher

The Sepulcher area has been changed as well now transforming into a slaughter area. Every room has insane drop boost, the only problem remaining only a single obstacle between you and epic farm for 1 full hour, and that obstacle is called PVP. Touching the stone to enter or getting close to the stone area that gives permission for entering inside any of the rooms makes you flag.Think twice before going there , there are only 4 rooms and maybe over 100 enemy’s around.

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Many farm zones , many ways to farm farm while PVP farm PVE farm exactly how you like this is only another one of the features :

Mini Raids and Open World Raids

-In every Special zone farm there will be Mini Raids with a lot of stats modified, but with a very good drop. No meter if you are in a party or as a solo player the reward will be absolutely amazing.But wait, what’s worth mentioning every party member added in the party multiplies the drop by X chances, so going as a party for farming Mini Raids will boost your awards by a lot.Also killing a Mini Raid gives 20 clan reputation to every member in the party.

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On Lineage2Ireal every class is EQUAL to another , no more events without rewarding the healers no more party where you ignore others only so you can get a bigger drop. Every class has a chance of succes :

Killing/Healling in PVP areas rewards you

PI/4Sep/Every raid boss level 76 zone area, is considerate a kill to farm area killing a (flagged) target will get you a reward for hes head.Killing the same player under under 3 minutes wont give you nothing , as well killing your box (same ip) player will still give you nothing. Healing in those areas will get you a reward as well, every 1 hour(s) best PVP/Heal player will be rewarded and announced.

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Primeval Battles Part 1.

1.The Primeval Battles is a PvP/PvE event and takes place on the Primeval Island, 3 totems are placed in random spots of the Island. Taking control of them by casting will make you and your whole party to enter in a chaotic state (flag). Holding one totem gives you a reward of (to be decided) every 2.5 minutes , however having under your control more then 1 totem makes your reward grow exponentially.

2.Starting casting one of the totems takes you and your party into chaotic state (flag) from the start second of casting , also announcing all the other members in that area that somebody is casting a totem. Casting time is 30 seconds .

3.Totem respawn place is unknown because is random and it will change location every 2 hours.

4.Other locations with the same totem respawn : Isle Of Prayer , Monastery of Silence.

5.The totems are arranged into a triangular position so the distance from one totem to another should be the same.

6.In the pursue of the biggest reward try to hold 3 totems at once so the reward to be at the maximum , fight with other players / party/clans and win your right to the farm.

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1 Word i have U N I Q U E !

A new event engine has been written from scratch. Detailed information on the new engine are available below.

Schedules Events are randomly selected and runs once every hour – 10minutes registrations, 20minutes of gameplay then a 1 hour break.

Ranks Every single of your kills and deaths are stored in our database, and a rank of the best players is available for every single events. Your kill/death ratio is also used to balance out teams.

Smart Spawn System We added random spawn locations and removed static spawn location, why you might ask ?!

We’ve gotten rid of this for various reasons: 1) No more camping at the team peaceful place, increasing event activity. 2) No more spawns-camping. 3) No more “easy feeding”.

Spawns handling works differently for every event.

Survival: Characters are teleported to a random place inside the town.

Team Survival: Characters are teleported to the pre-defined spawn-point of their team.

Deathmatch: Characters are teleported to a random place inside the town.

Battles: Upon teleportation to the event, players are teleported to their team-spawn position. Upon re-spawn (after death), you will be teleported to the closest living party-member.

If all of your party members are dead, you’ll be teleported to the closest living team-mate. If all of your team-mates are dead, you’ll be teleported to your team-spawn position.

Killing Rewards You receive Event Points for every single of your kill. Based on the event you play, the Event Points currency and rewards varies.

Winning Rewards In addition to the rewards on kill, you obviously get rewarded when winning an event. The reward depends on the event as well as your kill ratio.

Combos Killing ennemies without dying increases your combo points… and combo points gives you bonuses. Below, detailed information on combo points a-beep-t necessary to unlock certain bonuses.

– 5 Combo Points. The event points received are doubled. – 10 Combo Points. You feel the Event Hero Blessing effects (Lv. 1). Increases speed by 15, P.Def, M.Def, HP, MP, and CP by 25%. Additionally increases P.Atk and M.Atk by 10%. – 15 Combo Points. The Event Hero Blessing effects (Lv. 2) power increases. Increases speed by 30, P.Def, M.Def, HP, MP, and CP by 50%. Additionally increases P.Atk and M.Atk by 20%. - 20 Combo Points. The Event Hero Blessing effects (Lv. 3) power further increases. Increases speed by 45, P.Def, M.Def, HP, MP, and CP by 75%. Additionally increases P.Atk and M.Atk by 30%. – 25 Combo Points. The Event Hero Blessing effects (Lv. 4) power increases to the maximum. Increases speed by 60, P.Def, M.Def, HP, MP, and CP by 100%. Additionally increases P.Atk and M.Atk by 40%.

During events played in teams, Hero Blessing can be shared with up to 5 team-mates. Team-mates standing close to you will be buffed up once per minute with a Lesser Hero Blessing. The effects are less powerful than those given on the Event Hero himself, however, and only lasts 60seconds instead of staying till death.

Here’s detailed information on the effect bonuses for each levels: – Lv. 1 Increases speed by 5, P.Def, M.Def, HP, MP, and CP by 10%. Additionally increases P.Atk and M.Atk by 5%. – Lv. 2 Increases speed by 10, P.Def, M.Def, HP, MP, and CP by 20%. Additionally increases P.Atk and M.Atk by 10%. – Lv. 3 Increases speed by 15, P.Def, M.Def, HP, MP, and CP by 30%. Additionally increases P.Atk and M.Atk by 15%. – Lv. 4 Increases speed by 20, P.Def, M.Def, HP, MP, and CP by 40%. Additionally increases P.Atk and M.Atk by 20%.

Every time an you receive a combo bonus (at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 Combo Points), your HP, MP, and CP are regenerated back to full.

Competitions From time to time, events may turn in competition mode. In top of the usual event rules, additional rules applies during Events Competitions.

– Your equipment enchant level bonuses are temporary disabled. – Clan and Hero skills are temporary disabled. – Ancient and Augmented Items are not use-able.

Your kills and deaths during competitions are ranked, and, every weeks, the top 3 players of every events are rewarded with Competition Tickets.

Randomized Locations and Game Rules Unlike other Events, where event location and game rules are always the same, Ireal’s Events are always different. Every time a new event takes place, not only the location is randomized but also the game rules.

A common rule affecting all available events is the Buff Rule. 4 different buff modes are available: – Buffless. -You start without any buff, but obtain Event Herbs by killing your opponents. Buffs obtained through Herbs are kept-after-death. – Predefined Primary Buff Set. You are given 5 predefined buffs – Mages and Fighters both receives Windwalk, Shield and Magic Barrier. Fighters additionally receives Haste and Might while Mage gets Acumen and Empower. – Predefined Improved Buff Set. You are given buffs, songs, and dances, those you would usually get by requesting an automated full-buff on a Town Buffer. – Desired Buff Set.

At the beginning of the event after teleportation, in the coliseum stadium you are given 60seconds to buff up using the Event Buffers available. Upon resurection we ensure you always have all the buffs you’ve had selected at the Buffers. Should you fail to pick-up your desired buffs during the first 60seconds of the event, you are allowed to return to the Event Buffers up to 3 additional times for a limited period of time, 60seconds at first then 45 and 30. Standing up while being dead will lead you there.

Other than the buff rules, the events goal rules may also be customized. Detailed information of every possible modification for each event is available in this post.

Don’t run bitch, don’t run! Most events takes place in Towns. Because of the possibility to run away from the event zone, a restriction has been added to prompt players from running away – if you leave a town, you’ll be given 10seconds to get back in the event zone after leaving it before getting killed.

Deathmatch Event You are alone in this event. Collect the most points during 20minutes by killing everything that moves to win.

Available Locations – Coliseum (Coliseum Deathmatch) – Dion (Dion Deathmatch) – Hunter (Hunter Deathmatch) – Heine (Heine Deathmatch) – Oren (Oren Deathmatch) – Goddard (Goddard Deathmatch)

Available Mods None.

Battles Event Players are split in 3 Teams (Red, Blue, Yellow) during the Battles Events. Fight along your team and kill ennemies, during 20minutes, to help your team collect the most points.

Available Locations

– Coliseum (Coliseum Deathmatch) – Dion (Dion Deathmatch) – Hunter (Hunter Deathmatch) – Heine (Heine Deathmatch) – Oren (Oren Deathmatch) – Goddard (Goddard Deathmatch)

Available Mods None.

Survival Event You are alone in this event. Defeat them all and be the last standing to win.

Available Locations

– Coliseum (Coliseum Survival) – Dion (Dion Survival) – Hunter (Hunter Survival) – Heine (Heine Survival) – Oren (Oren Survival) – Goddard (Goddard Survival)

Team Survival Event During this event, there are two teams. The last team standing wins.

Available Locations

– Coliseum (Coliseum Survival) – Dion (Dion Survival) – Hunter (Hunter Survival) – Heine (Heine Survival) – Oren (Oren Survival) – Goddard (Goddard Survival)

Available Mods – Randomized Buff Rules (Buffless, Primary/Improved Buff Set, Buff With Buffers) – Limited Rounds.

The first team to win two rounds wins.

– Unlimited Rounds. Whenever all players of a team are defeated, a point is given to the standing team and a new round is launch. The team collecting the most points during 20minutes wins Custom Events

Further information will be available on the event engine shortly.

Competitions Competitions randomly takes places in the events. When an event is under competition mode, the following rules applies: Only S84-Grade Equipment can be used. Augmented items cannot be used. Hero skills cannot be used. Enchant does not count. Clan Skills and Residential Skills are removed.

You will be notified when an event is under Competition mode during the registration. Each kill made during a competition event is ranked on the Competition Ranks. Every two weeks, the first three in top of the ranks are rewarded with Competition Tickets which they can use to obtain rewards from the Competition Manager.

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