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Welcome to my stream! My name is Amouranth and I love being myself (crazy, weird, a bit cringe) and making art! I cosplay, paint, draw, play games badly (dance worse), and sing too much. Nice to meet you and welcome to my community!, Amouranth Playing Just Chatting
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My name is Kaitlyn, I'm a professional cosplayer and variety streamer. I'm a self-taught artist and have traveled internationally as a cosplay guest. On the side I also own a character entertainment company that specializes in children's events and charities. I got my phD in Savagery with a minor in Cringe. I'll spit bad raps when you sub, FREESTYLE. Be part of the DANG TRAIN!

Location: Houston, TX
Height: 5'4"
Pets: 1 Doggo - Nox the Border Collie.
Check out his stream here: Nox the Border Collie
Passions: Being a weirdo

Mailing Address:
PO Box Down for maintenance- if you would like to send a gift in the interim, donate the amount and link the product to a mod for me to order.
Thank you!

For Business Inquiries Only:

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Visit my website to see my portfolio and booking information by clicking the banner above.

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Go post some dank memes on my subreddit!

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USE THE CODE: "Famouranth" at checkout for a discount!

The best kind of antiperspirant!
Use it on your hands for gaming, under your pits for smelling, and on your face to stop the moisture!

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1.No racism.

2.No excessive vulgarity.

3.Don't post links or images that promote other streamers/cosplayers, are pornographic, gore related or of malicious intent.

4.English only in Chat and Discord

5.Banter between two people is fine, personally attacking someone is not. Respect one another, and everyone's right to privacy.

6.Keep the Chat and Discord clear of religion and politics.

7.Mods reserve the right to take disciplinary action at their discretion -I trust my mods and it's their word against yours.

8.Have fun! Life is too short to spread negativity.

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