Classic Doctor Who starting at 10AM PT. !schedule

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all times start at 10AM PT unless specified Pokémon will return! Check the schedule for when it will be back!

1/12 - Classic Doctor Who Day 8 - The Time Monster (Eps 2-6) - The Three Doctors - Carnival Of Monsters - Frontier In Space - Planet Of The Daleks - The Green Death (Eps 1-2)

1/13 - Classic Doctor Who Day 9 - The Green Death (Eps 3-6) - The Time Warrior - Invasion Of The Dinosaurs - Death To The Daleks - The Monster Of Peladon - Planet Of The Spiders (Eps 1-3)

1/14 - Classic Doctor Who Day 10 NO COUNTDOWN! Episodes will begin promptly at 10am PT and repeat at 9:50pm PT - Planet Of The Spiders (Eps 4-6) - Robot Start of the 4th Doctor - The Ark In Space - The Sontaran Experiment - Genesis of the Daleks - Revenge Of The Cybermen - Terror Of The Zygons

1/15 - Classic Doctor Who Day 11 - Planet Of Evil - Pyramids Of Mars - The Android Invasion - The Brain Of Morbius - The Seeds Of Doom - The Masque Of Mandragora - The Hand Of Fear (Ep 1)

1/16 - 1/25 More Classic Doctor Who Schedule available on BBC's website

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An encore presentation of the Classic Doctor Who Marathon on Twitch begins January 5th at 10AM PT / 6PM GMT!

Event runs from January 5th to January 25th. We'll be broadcasting 11 to 12 hours of new episodes per day (~27 episodes), repeating once so you can catch Doctor Who nearly 24 hours a day, every day with the global Twitch community.

Streamers! Co-streaming will be available for the Doctor Who Marathon encore. Feel free to co-stream to the Special Events category and enjoy with your community.

Please note that while co-streaming is allowed, archiving is not!

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SF SketchFest is coming to Twitch! Check out John Hodgman, Felicia Day, Janet Varnet, Bill Corbett, Grace Helbig and more on TwitchPresents2 starting on January 12th.

Please check the TwitchPresents2 schedule for more details.

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Welcome to /twitchpresents. This is our official channel for special presentations, marathon-style broadcasts, and other exclusive events.

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Where does the revenue from this channel go? Proceeds from channel subscriptions, Bits, and ads will support future marathons and content initiatives on Twitch.

Can I co-stream? Yes! You can co-stream Doctor Who! Set your category to Special Events and tag to Co-Stream! Please note that while co-streaming is allowed, archiving is not! Please disable archiving for your stream!

When will Pokémon come back? Pokémon will be back soon, and we'll make sure to announce it before it starts! Make sure to follow Twitch on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and follow our channel for updates!

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