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Join the community discord! Share dank memes, find practice partners, yell at people on the internet. The usual.

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Tips are much appreciated, but never required!

$2 to activate alert/text to speech :)



PC iBUYPOWER AM501 Intel i7-6700K Quad Core 4GHz 16GB DDR4 RAM 2TB HDD 240GB SSD NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB

Peripherals/Accessories Mouse - Steelseries Rival 600 (900 DPI usually) Keyboard - Redragon Kumara K552 (Blue Switches) Microphone - Blue Yeti (Basic Tips from Winter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5NhHx_H71Q) Mic Stand - On Stage Stands MS7701 Tripod Boom Microphone Stand Webcam - Logitech C920 Headphones - Sennheiser HD518 Mousepad/Mat - VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad, Thick Large (31.5×15.75×0.12 inch) Monitor 1 - Acer XB270HU 27" 144Hz 2560x1440 Monitor 2 - ASUS VG248QE 24" 144Hz 1920x1080

Other - Elgato Stream Deck Xbox 360 Wired Controller Steelseries Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker

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The most reliable way to support Winter! Access to 33+ emotes, extra chat privileges, sub day giveaways/games, and undying love and affection.

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At least one upload every day!

Learn to play Starcraft, Bronze League Heroes, Angry Coach, The Starcraft Cheese Hour, Showdown, Highlights and more :)

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Stream updates, thoughts on tournaments/news, pictures of food, making fun of progamers way better than me. The usual.

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Just another way to support regularly outside of subscribing/tipping. Much appreciated but by no means required.

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  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Includes bringing up twitch chat inflammatory topics (politics, drugs, religion, League of Legends Kappa)
  3. Also, don't be a dick.
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DJ Winter may be chill but he brings you the hottest fire every week (ish). Some have download links etc etc

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For business inquries, formal requests (interviews, statements etc) please use: winterstarcraft@gmail.com NOT FOR REPLAYS, REPLAYS HERE WILL BE IGNORED

For personal messages: Tweet @starcraftwinter, twitch message, youtube comments appreciated :)

To send replays for Bronze League Heroes, learn to play sc2 etc: winterreplays@gmail.com


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Hi, I'm Winter.

Click the image for a fancy introduction :)

And now click this for a more accurate introduction: CLICK

About Me

I am a full time Starcraft 2 streamer dedicated to bringing educational and entertaining content live on a daily basis. I have been streaming Starcraft since January 2012, fulltime since early 2014 and playing since July 2010 and have barely touched any other games since.

The stream is focused on creating a community of those interested in playing, learning, and watching the best game in the world :)

A bit of FAQ:

I am 24 years old, have played Starcraft since 2010 for over 40,000 games, and have reached grandmaster as both zerg and random multiple times.

I am not currently focused on being a professional player, but instead streaming, creating guides and casting regularly while maintaining a high level of play.

I have completed two years of Business school at University of Michigan (no degree yet), currently stream full time and have a girlfriend of 5+ years (fulltime engineer), and love long walks on virtual beaches.

Thanks for watching :)

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Winter is partnered with Green Man Gaming! A marketplace to buy and sell games where the money goes directly to those who make them, and transparency is valued.

Esports Heroes:

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This section is reserved for those who have given me the support that allows me to play the best game in the world every day <3

NOTE: This list is based on records from streamtip.com and twitchalerts.com/streamlabs.com, and may be incorrect/inaccurate, contact me if something should be changed/corrected!


Magicalness3 ($5500)

MeikD ($3429)

Vtriple ($2345)

Hitmen3000 ($2050)


Blacksnake100 ($1990)

DesertFoxATX ($1659)

Stronglink ($1601)

Upio ($1551)

Darkblade12 ($1383)

TheGeb ($1367)

EDGAR ($1350)

Beliskn3r ($1288)

Darden ($1184)

Rainchor ($1009)

Janglangbang ($1004)

And thank you to everyone who has supported me, I can't believe the list is this incredibly long, but here are all the esports heroes who have donated over $100)! NOTE: Not updated as regularly, please tweet at me/msg if you should be on this list.:

Weirdjrc, Brandon H., Ngarclite, Darkautumn, wemake.com.ar, Spendro, THEGeb, Cerealkiller2000, Thesegoodgames, Polorutz, 0xdeadbabe, Frompsky, Obake, Cspicy, Xidefianceix, Sirpsychomantis, ImJuzChillin, Generalmrspiggy, Dicemkll, Blacksnake100, Avcovardes, Loveslaus, Lysheski, Joelpuetzable, Unreasonablefig, Blacksun265, Speedtrue, squidlord.com, ClericJK, omgbadbeatzlol, daigler, LutherZ, FrostySC, Pdawg15, JangLangBang, MrXtacle, SnipeHunt, Unholyadvocate, L0gisticx, JaRail, Jb00gieSeranishRyen, Mullinsx, BigOilCorp, PatientSamurai, Upio, Trencal, Faws0, Orsanx, PurpleIllusion, Sc2Frozen, Sh0on, VarsoviePat, cufratboy, Skanmll, mrezman, Archnog, Fritothedemond, UnholyAdvocate, Deadlysheep, Jw2200, Djarum66, Fatcalvin, Myst0gannsc, Audorin, NAFake, Archnog, Fsraider, Annon, Cotterjoe, Malconten, cotterjoe, Midniite, FleshHunger, DeadSpacecat, MeikD, Mainsheep,Subasteve1795, R6nerd,Sgt.Thrifty, Darden, Itsawildbunny, Myst0gannSC, Senteras, Lemonstre, Hitmen3000, Vtriple, Junkfather, HCTforlife, thexbigj, Magicalness3, Goatpuncher, Millerlee, Bonjovixvs, Bic, Cryojen, evo127, zsasquatch, Seiferalmasy9797, OurFates, MillerLee337, Jackal0021, Reapzpwnz, vaughanshlays, LyonDens20, Cho, Truckeroldguy, SeferAlmasy8787, Lumbyy, Flugmango, Eagle311, Focualtspendulum, g0atpunch3r, thechanyman, deaddave99, Cheezenutzz, Rygrizz, Gradmustang, Eragon0872, GarionAloria, Darkfox250, slothchunk, afwaller, crashmaxed, poopfeast, ZiroMana, zeriuzz, bootymessiah, cgtribble, bonjovisxs, Cheezenutzzz

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Monthly boxes with shirts, games, collectibles and other assorted things for any nerdling out there! All boxes sold help support Winter as well with the link above!


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COACHING STATUS: Currently not open for coaching scheduling, will make sure it is known when it becomes available!

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