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Subscriber benefits Alerts pop up on screen and are voiced by Adam Howden, Shulk's voice actor for new subs and resub milestones!

Tier 1 $4.99/Month or Twitch Prime FOR FREE + Chat badge based on subscribed time + Emotes you can use all over Twitch + Join and play during subscriber games + x10 better chance to win during giveaways + Access to my active secret degenerate Discord Lounge

Tier 2 $9.99/Month + All previous tier benefits + Priority during subscriber games (Skip lines!) + Extra chat emote

Tier 3 $24.99/Month + All previous tier benefits + Priority during subscriber games over all tiers + Extra special chat emote + Be able to add me on Discord and talk to me there!

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If you link your Amazon Prime account you can get a FREE subscription to my channel and get to enjoy all the benefits that way! Make sure to remember to renew it each month to keep enjoying your benefits! This is by far the easiest way to subscribe and both you and I get the same benefits!

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Accepts Paypal & Credit cards. $10 Minimum for text to speech. $3 Minimum to be read on stream.

Disclaimer: By donating you agree that this is your money and that there are no refunds for any donations you make.

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Yo! I'm Gonzalo Barrios, also known as ZeRo! I'm a 23 year old from Chile who's now a pro gamer and content creator for Tempo Storm! Located in the East Coast!

I'm very chill with most things, I don't take myself very seriously and like to mess around a lot. I'm somebody who makes it a point to interact as much as possible with chat or to at least get people to smile or have a good time.

Nowadays you can expect a bunch of different games since I want to be a variety streamer. I play both Melee and Smash 4, visual novels (Danganronpa for example), horror games, RPGs or things the viewers suggest! I also do IRL stream adventures here and there. I'm not very picky with genres and I'm down to try anything.

I used to be a professional esports player with a primary focus on Smash. Most notoriously the best in the world at Smash 4 for around 4 years. If you're interested in my esports career, clicking this button will get you to a detailed wiki.

Enjoy your stay here!

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Scarf Army Discord!

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1) Don't ask me to play other streamers. 2) Don't ask me to raid/host other streamers. 3) Don't be hateful/racist 4) Have fun

Actual rule 1: No character requests.

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Age: 23

Location: Born in Chile, South America. Currently living in Florida!

Favorite Sport: I ride dirt bikes sometimes but I LOVE Motocross in general!

Favorite Color: PURPLE LIFE.

Favorite Food: Steak and burgers.

Favorite videogames: Xenoblade Chronicles, Danganronpa series, Smash Bros in general.

Why the scarf? My mom gave me the scarf many years ago before a long trip and then it became something I wear during special occasions. Now it's just a staple as a 'ZeRo thing' and it's basically my 'emblem'.

Favorite Shows/Anime : YUGIOH!! Hunter X Hunter, Hajime No Ippo, FMA: Brotherhood, Kaiji, Madoka.

Business Contact: :

Send me stuff!

Here's the address to send me stuff!

Gonzalo Barrios PMB 503 5703 Red Bug Lake Rd. Winter Springs, FL 32708

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