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Who am I?: Brian 'TheOddOne' Wyllie, Former Jungler for TSM, played with them starting at season 1 winning dozens tournaments/LANs . Since then I've been making a living variety streaming under the TSM brand and hopefully entertaining you guys while keeping y'all away from hard drugs. I've played games all my life, some of my favorites include Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Fire Emblem, Civilization, Road Rash, Hearthstone and the like

If you're looking for a game I've played (say like Danganronpa1/2/3/UDG), be sure to stop by the collection! (100+ games): (certain games such as fallout4/witcher may not be in it as their videos have long been expired)

Business Inquiries:

Where am I from? Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I currently live in Austin, Texas

Favourite Champions Maokai, Kha'zix, Nunu, Elise

Is that guy who happens to look like you very closely that plays ADC and twitch chat keeps calling oddbro despite his username being maplestreet your brother? Yes

What peripherals do I use: G303 Daedalus Apex mouse, G810 Logitech keyboard, G35 Logitech G headset

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Want to send me fan mail/whatever?

Brian Wyllie 6800 West Gate Blvd Ste 132277 Austin, TX 78745-9997

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