last cube strim (arena standard tomorrow! #sponsored)

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Rent MTGO decks With ManaTraders you can rent any deck you wish to play for one low monthly price. Swap decks unlimitedly, all formats are available.

Rent MTG (paper) decks Find a deck you liked playing online? Rent it from us for paper Magic too. We deliver to all SCG events and select Grand Prix, and right to your door.

Use promo code calebd for a discount on your first subscription! !! !!! !!!!

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Your kindness keeps me streaming! I'm currently streaming as a full time job, and this is how I buy food and pay rent.

I do my best to personally thank everyone that donates.

Song requests w/ donation of 4.20$+ are generally honored, though I reserve the right to skip particularly abrasive songs/troll requests at my discretion. If you want to donate for a stipulation draft please ask in the chat first. :)

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I'm a MTG grinder from the midwest. For a few years, I lived off of tournament winnings, which is not easy! During that time, I top eighted multiple GPs, Invitationals, and Championships, and was responsible for brewing decks like Survival, UR Painter, Legacy Tezz, UWR Twin, Puresteel, and RG Bees.

I play all sorts of games, though I generally stream Magic. Every once in a while I'll throw something else on just to keep things fresh.


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Twitch partner merch is now on amazon. The first listing has a few different color options while the second is a fixed version of the black. I'll be slowly uploading old shirt designs as time goes on.

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If you enjoy the stream, subscribing is a great way to show support, and I'll do my best to personally thank you if you sub during a session.

Think of it as tipping your waiter, only instead of someone bringing you life-sustaining food, I'm a hairy dude on the internet swearing at his computer and playing a card game with actual dinosaurs on the pictures.

As I continue to hit sub milestones, I'll make more emotes and do special events like 24 hour streams.

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Find me in Magic Online's marketplace, where I'm paying great prices on packs, Standard, and Modern! Using CalebDbot directly supports the stream, so if you need to use a bot anyway it's a "help Caleb stream" freeroll.

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-Good natured trolling is fine, but don't be a dick. I've only banned a few people personally, and they were total dicks.

-I want all sorts of folks to feel welcome here. Whatever difference in race, sex, politics, or so on. Never go full edgelord.

-No roughhousing on a full tummy.

-Please don't talk shit about other streamers.

-If I ban someone or somebot for doing a thing, don't immediately do that thing.

-This isn't the place to discuss why you think ghosting/stream sniping is ok. And ofc, if I'm playing another streamer don't share details about their hand/deck in my channel.

-I probably don't want to see your brew, but I'm way more likely to say "yes" if it's dead time in between rounds. Be considerate. Also, Subs are welcome to message me lists to look over (I have whispers disabled).

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After five years of requests, some of my Youtube playlists:










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