Class - Duelist / Level 79 High Five

Level: 7677787980818283
Skill Level
skill0008 Sonic Focus 8
Channels force energy for use with other Sonic skills. Requires a sword, blunt weapon, or dualsword weapon. Can be charged up to Level 8.
skill0442 Sonic Barrier 1
Uses sword energy make user invincible against standard targets, skills and de-buffs for 10 seconds. Requires a dualsword. Requires 5th stage Sword Energy.
skill0992 Sonic Mastery 8
Absorbs the target\'s energy. Energy can be absorbed with a 15% chance for regular physical attacks and 30% during a critical attack. Applies when a sword, blunt weapon, or dualsword is equipped. Up to 8 stage of energy can be absorbed.