Class - Phoenix Knight / Level 78 High Five

Level: 76777879808182838485
Skill Level
skill0341 Touch of Life 1
Gives a divine blessing by sacrificing oneself. Restores HP by 50%, and for 2 minutes, increases resistance to buff cancel attacks by 100%, resistance to de-buff attacks by 30%, and the power of received HP recovery magic by 30%. Restores 50 HP every second.
skill0350 Physical Mirror 1
For 5 minutes, reflects physical buffs/de-buffs with 30% probability and magic buffs/de-buffs with 10% probability. Requires a shield.
skill0429 Knighthood 1
Increases P. Def. by 87.1 and Shield Defense by 10 when equipped with heavy armor.
skill0984 Shield Strike 18
Attacks an enemy using a shield with 4040 Power added to P. Atk, and provokes an enemy. Requires a shield.