Class - Phoenix Knight / Level 79 High Five

Level: 76777879808182838485
Skill Level
skill0438 Soul of the Phoenix 1
Maintains buffs and de-buffs even after death. The Blessing of Noblesse and the Amulet of Luck disappear, however. Consumes 1 Blood of the Phoenix.
skill0527 Iron Shield 1
Increases Shield Defense with a certain chance when attacked.
skill0528 Shield of Faith 1
For 15 seconds, increases party members\' P. Def. by 3600 and M. Def. by 2700, and absorbs 90% of any damage received by a party member.
skill0984 Shield Strike 19
Attacks an enemy using a shield with 4133 Power added to P. Atk, and provokes an enemy. Requires a shield.