Class - Phoenix Knight / Level 81 High Five

Level: 76777879808182838485
Skill Level
skill0758 Fighter\'s Will 1
When using a short-range weapon, increases P. Atk. by 100 and Atk. Spd. by 10%. When attacking, has a chance to increases physical skills\' Power and Critical Rate.
skill0759 Archer\'s Will 1
When a bow/crossbow is used, Accuracy increases by 8 and range increases by 50. When attacking, the physical skill\'s power and Critical Rate are increased at a fixed rate.
skill0760 Anti Magic Armor 1
Increases M. Def. by 5000 for 30 seconds.
skill0766 Sixth Sense 1
When stamina is at its limit, sensation reaches its peak to increase Evasion by 15 when HP is below 30%.
skill0784 Spirit of Phoenix 1
Share Phoenix\'s spirit and yours. There is a chance that the Spirit of Phoenix will expand when being attacked. Additional effects appear as it expands.
skill0785 Flame Icon 1
Receives the will of the phoenix to drastically increase the fighting ability of party members. For 1 minute, increases resistance to de-buff attacks by 40%, P. Def. by 50%, M. Def. by 50%, Atk. Spd. by 30%, Accuracy by 6, Speed by 30, and resistance to buff canceling attacks by 40%. Decreases the effectiveness of received recovery magic by 80% . When a sword is equipped, increases Critical Rate by 100. When a blunt is equipped, increases Critical Damage by 100%.
skill0913 Deflect Magic 1
Increases resistance to magic attacks by 100% for 20 minutes.
skill0984 Shield Strike 21
Attacks an enemy using a shield with 4312 Power added to P. Atk, and provokes an enemy. Requires a shield.