Class - Hell Knight / Level 81 High Five

Level: 76777879808182838485
Skill Level
skill0758 Fighter\'s Will 1
When using a short-range weapon, increases P. Atk. by 100 and Atk. Spd. by 10%. When attacking, has a chance to increases physical skills\' Power and Critical Rate.
skill0759 Archer\'s Will 1
When a bow/crossbow is used, Accuracy increases by 8 and range increases by 50. When attacking, the physical skill\'s power and Critical Rate are increased at a fixed rate.
skill0760 Anti Magic Armor 1
Increases M. Def. by 5000 for 30 seconds.
skill0761 Seed of Revenge 1
One sows a seed of wrath himself. There is a chance that the Seed of Wrath will grow when being attacked. P. Atk. increases with growth.
skill0762 Insane Crusher 1
Unleashes a powerful strike with 8409 Power added to P. Atk. and Dark Curse to surrounding enemies when rage reaches its peak. Cancels at least one of an enemy\'s buffs, and drastically decreases Max CP, resistance to de-buff attacks, and effectiveness of receiving HP recovery. Requires a sword or blunt weapon. Ignores shield defense. Critical and Over-hit are possible.
skill0763 Hell Scream 1
Roars with the voice of hell. For 8 seconds, decreases the nearby enemies\' P. Def. by 30%, M. Def. by 30%, Speed by 30%. Inflicts fear and causes them to flee.
skill0766 Sixth Sense 1
When stamina is at its limit, sensation reaches its peak to increase Evasion by 15 when HP is below 30%.
skill0913 Deflect Magic 1
Increases resistance to magic attacks by 100% for 20 minutes.
skill0984 Shield Strike 21
Attacks an enemy using a shield with 4312 Power added to P. Atk, and provokes an enemy. Requires a shield.