Class - Adventurer / Level 81 High Five

Level: 7677787980818283
Skill Level
skill0758 Fighter\'s Will 1
When using a short-range weapon, increases P. Atk. by 100 and Atk. Spd. by 10%. When attacking, has a chance to increases physical skills\' Power and Critical Rate.
skill0759 Archer\'s Will 1
When a bow/crossbow is used, Accuracy increases by 8 and range increases by 50. When attacking, the physical skill\'s power and Critical Rate are increased at a fixed rate.
skill0766 Sixth Sense 1
When stamina is at its limit, sensation reaches its peak to increase Evasion by 15 when HP is below 30%.
skill0767 Expose Weak Point 1
Gives flesh and takes a bone. Decreases an enemy\'s P. Def. by temporarily exposing his weakness when receiving an enemy\'s attack. Increases the critical hit rate of general attacks.
skill0768 Exciting Adventure 1
Feels extreme excitement during a melee. For 30 seconds, increases Speed by 20, Evasion by 15, vital point attack rate by 30%, physical skill Evasion Rate by 40%, and resistance to buff canceling attacks by 90.
skill0922 Hide 1
Hides the user. Increases Speed by 30%, and the effect is canceled if any action other than movement is initiated.
skill0923 Dual Dagger Mastery 1
When using a dual dagger, increases P. Atk. by 87.5 and the rate of deadly attack by 5%.