Class - Archmage / Level 81 High Five

Level: 7677787980818283
Skill Level
skill0945 Magician\'s Will 1
Increases M. Atk. by 5%, Casting Spd. by 5% and magical Critical Rate by 5%. Decreases MP consumption by 5%.
skill1467 Meteor 1
Crashes down meteors to inflict continuous fire damage near an enemy with 117 Power. For 10 seconds, inflicts continuous fire damage.
skill1492 Flame Armor 1
Engulfs the user with a protective coat of fire. For 20 minutes, increases resistance to fire attacks by 60 and causes burn damage on the attacking enemy.
skill1532 Enlightenment 1
User receives mystical enlightenment for 20 seconds, increasing M. Atk. by 40%, Casting Spd. by 50% and magic Critical Rate by 50%, and decreasing MP consumption by 90%.
skill1554 Aura Blast 1
With 141 Power added to M. Atk., inflicts non-attribute damage on the target and enemies around the target, and recovers MP. Inflicts non-attribute damage on the target monster with 58 Power.