Class - Soultaker / Level 76 High Five

Level: 76777880818283
Skill Level
skill0328 Wisdom 1
Increases resistance to Hold, Sleep and Mental attacks by 20.
skill0329 Health 1
Increases resistance to poison and Bleed attacks by 20.
skill0925 Sigil Mastery 1
When a Sigil is equipped, increases M. Atk. by 4% and MP Recovery Bonus by 17%.
skill1343 Dark Vortex 1
Stirs up a vortex connecting to the dimension of darkness and inflicts dark damage on an enemy with 139 Power added to M. Atk. Absorbs 25% as HP. For 30 seconds, decreases Accuracy by 6 and resistance against darkness by 30. Consumes 12 MP every second.