Class - Soultaker / Level 78 High Five

Level: 76777880818283
Skill Level
skill0337 Arcane Power 1
Maximizes magic efficiency by increasing M. Atk. by 30% and MP consumption by 10%. Every second, 50 HP is consumed.
skill0434 Necromancy 1
Increases resistance to dark damage by 10 and M. Atk. by 3%.
skill1337 Curse of Abyss 1
For 30 seconds, decreases an enemy\'s Speed by 10%, P. Def. by 30%, Evasion by 6, M. Atk. by 30%, Casting Spd. by 20% and magic damage\'s Critical Rate by 30%.
skill1345 Mass Mage Bane 1
Removes any buffs of nearby enemies that increase M. Atk. or Casting Spd.