Class - Arcana Lord / Level 81 High Five

Level: 76777879808182838485
Skill Level
skill0945 Magician\'s Will 1
Increases M. Atk. by 5%, Casting Spd. by 5% and magical Critical Rate by 5%. Decreases MP consumption by 5%.
skill1496 Servitor Barrier 1
Temporarily makes the servitor invincible. Consumes 5 Spirit Ore.
skill1497 Excessive Loyalty 1
When the master incurs damage, the servitor\'s battle skills are increased.
skill1498 Mutual Response 1
Creates chance to regenerate servitor\'s HP and MP when attacking.
skill1558 Dimension Spiral 20
Creates a tear in the dimension to inflict damage on an enemy with 94 Power added to M. Atk. If a monster is targeted, inflicts additional damage with 58 Power. Over-hit.