Class - Arcana Lord / Level 83 High Five

Level: 76777879808182838485
Skill Level
skilltransform1 Spirit of the Cat 1
Harness the spirit of your servitor. This skill transforms you into a Human/Cat hybrid with specialized skills for 5 minutes.
skill1557 Servitor Share 1
Extends the summoner\'s abilities to the servitor. Using the summoner\'s abilities as the basis, extends to the servitor P. Atk./P. Def. by 50%, M. Atk./M. Def. by 25%, Max HP/MP by 10%, critical rate by 20%, Atk. Spd. by 10%, and Casting Spd. by 3%.
skill1558 Dimension Spiral 22
Creates a tear in the dimension to inflict damage on an enemy with 96 Power added to M. Atk. If a monster is targeted, inflicts additional damage with 83 Power. Over-hit.