Class - Cardinal / Level 81 High Five

Level: 7677787980818283
Skill Level
skill0945 Magician\'s Will 1
Increases M. Atk. by 5%, Casting Spd. by 5% and magical Critical Rate by 5%. Decreases MP consumption by 5%.
skill1505 Sublime Self-Sacrifice 1
Sacrifices oneself to allow all other party members (excluding oneself) to fully recover their HP/MP/CP and to become invincible for 15 seconds.
skill1532 Enlightenment 1
User receives mystical enlightenment for 20 seconds, increasing M. Atk. by 10%, Heal by 40%, Casting Spd. by 50% and magic Critical Rate by 50%, and decreasing MP consumption by 90%.
skill1540 Turn to Stone 1
Petrifies oneself for 8 seconds to avoid incurring damage.