Craft - Ring of Black Ore 70% High Five

Item ID 895
Item icon accessary_ring_of_black_ore_i00 Ring of Black Ore
Icon accessary_ring_of_black_ore_i00
Consume MP 183
Success rate 70%
Skill icon skill0172 Create Item Level 7
Rare item production possible icon accessary_ring_of_black_ore_i00 Foundation Ring of Black Ore x1
icon etc_recipe_red_i00 1 Recipe: Ring of Black Ore (70%)
icon etc_gem_black_i00 13 Ring of Black Ore Gemstone
icon etc_silver_mold_i00 1 Silver Mold
icon etc_metallic_fiber_i00 40 Metallic Fiber
icon etc_potion_clear_i00 8 Varnish of Purity
icon etc_gem_clear_i00 8 Thons
icon etc_crystal_red_i00 10 Crystal (B-Grade)
icon etc_bead_green_i00 4 Gemstone B
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