For PC Cafe - Imperial Staff High Five

PC Cafe exclusive item with a power of Imperial Staff Available to enchant by the enchanted scroll of PC Cafe exclusive weapons Increases MP Recovery Rate additionally, and increases damage inflicted during PvP. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or crystallized. Cannot be granted additional functions.

Item ID 15315
Type Weapon
icon icon weapon_imperial_staff_i00 icon.weapon_imperial_staff_i00
default_action EQUIP
weapon_type BLUNT
bodypart lrhand
random_damage 20
attack_range 40
damage_range 0;0;46;120
immediate_effect true
crystal_type S
weight 910
soulshots 1
spiritshots 1
enchant_enabled 2
is_tradable false
is_dropable false
is_sellable false
is_depositable false
is_magic_weapon true
item_skill 3576-1
duration 180
time 21600
useSkillDisTime 1