Quest - Fruit of the Mother Tree High Five

Elves' long lifespan derives from the fruit of the Mother Tree, Nectar. The caretakers of the tree are quite concerned about the recent decline in production of fruit.

Step 1 - Fruit of the Mother Tree

Andellia and her sisters care for the Mother Trees. You received a letter informing you that the Mother Tree near Iris Lake, maintained by their younger sister Thalia, has borne fruit. Since Andellia and her sisters cannot leave the Mother Trees untended, they ask you to visit Thalia and bring back the fruit of the Mother Tree.


Step 2 - The One and Only Fruit

Thalia gives you the fruit of the Mother Tree that was harvested some time ago. This was the only fruit she harvested this year. She asks you to carefully take it to her sister Andellia.

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