Quest - Deliver Supplies High Five

Tetrarch Kaitar is known to see the future. He has foreseen that the village will soon come under attack.

Sentry Jenna says that according to Tetrarch Kaitar's prophecy, the Dark Forest will soon be invaded by outside forces. To prepare for the attack, all Sentries are optimizing their weapons. Master Harant has promised to provide them with new weapons, and they ask you to fetch them.

Master Harant has given you three sentry blades onto which he has bestowed magic power. He asks you to deliver them to Sentry Jenna.

Sentry Jenna asks you to immediately deliver the completed swords to her sisters. Deliver the swords to Sentry Roselyn and Sentry Kristin, collect the old bronze swords that they have been using and bring them back.

You have delivered all the swords. Take the bronze swords to Sentry Jenna.

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