Quest - The Food Chain High Five

A growing number of Grey Keltir and Black Wolves are gathering around the entrance to Kamael Village. Unless they are stopped, they may attract even more dangerous predators who would pose a grave danger to the town's inhabitants. Visit Marksman Bixon and help with this problem.

ID 280
Contact NPCBixon
Min. Level3

Step 1 - Food Chain

Marksman Bixon says that Grey Keltirs and Black Wolves are gathered near the entrance to the Kamael Village. The problem is that when they gather, dangerous high-level monsters that feed on them also gather. Hunt the Grey Keltirs and Black Wolves, and bring their fangs back to Marksman Bixon. Monsters to be hunted - Young Grey Keltir, Grey Keltir, Dominant Grey Keltir, Black Wolf, Dominant Black Wolf

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