Quest - The Food Chain High Five

A growing number of Grey Keltir and Black Wolves are gathering around the entrance to Kamael Village. Unless they are stopped, they may attract even more dangerous predators who would pose a grave danger to the town's inhabitants. Visit Marksman Bixon and help with this problem.

ID 280
Contact NPCBixon
Min. Level3

Marksman Bixon says that Grey Keltirs and Black Wolves are gathered near the entrance to the Kamael Village. The problem is that when they gather, dangerous high-level monsters that feed on them also gather. Hunt the Grey Keltirs and Black Wolves, and bring their fangs back to Marksman Bixon. Monsters to be hunted - Young Grey Keltir, Grey Keltir, Dominant Grey Keltir, Black Wolf, Dominant Black Wolf

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