Quest - Dragon Fangs High Five

The primitive tribe of Langk Lizardmen in the southern part of Gludio Territory have been using a spell unknown to even the Mystics of the Ivory Tower.

ID 38
Contact NPCLuis
Min. Level19
Max. Level29

Step 1 - Wipe out the Raiders!

Lately, Langk Lizardmen's attacks have sharply increased on the south coast road to Giran. The guards have asked you to destroy the Lizardmen that are disturbing the peace. Monsters to be hunted - Langk Lizardman Sentinels, Langk Lizardman Lieutenants

Step 2 - Return to Guard Luis

You've defeated the Langk Lizardmen that have been threatening the southern coast road. Return to Guard Luis of Gludin Village.

TargetGuard Luis

Step 3 - Mysterious Tooth

You discover a strange tooth among the warriors' effects. Ask Magister Iris about it.

Step 4 - Towards Magister Rohmer

Magister Iris was able to identify the tooth as coming from a dragon, but is unable to control it. She suggests that you ask Magister Rohmer in the Town of Gludio.

Step 5 - Exposed Secret

An expert in the sorcery of Lizardmen, Magister Rohmer has important reference data and asks you to deliver it to Magister Iris at once.

Step 6 - Find the Tooth

Magister Iris has discovered the secret of the dragon's tooth. To destroy the savage sorcery, she must have many more of the teeth. She asks you to steal 50 teeth from the Lizardmen. Monsters to be hunted - Langk Lizardman Shamans, Langk Lizardman Leaders

Step 7 - Duty Fulfilled

You've collected the 50 dragon's teeth that Magister Iris asked for. Take them to her.


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