Quest - Into the Dark Elven Forest High Five

Leave the hustle and bustle of crowded Giran behind and return to your friends and family in the forest!

ID 47
Contact NPCGalladucci
Min. Level3
Max. Level10
RestrictionTraveler's Mark, Completion of the Beginning of Adventure Quest
Quest completion ofAn Adventure Begins

You came to get help with the Traveler's Mark, but Galladucci will only help you if you work for him. Take the scroll and visit Magic Trader Gentler.

Take the sword of magic that Galladucci ordered and return to the Luxury Shop.

The second task. Get a new scroll and go see Jeweler Sandra at the Jewelry Shop.

You've received gemstone powder from Sandra. Take it to Galladucci at his boutique.

This is the last errand for Galladucci. Visit Priest Dustin at the Einhasad Temple and deliver the scroll.

You've got the purified necklace that was once cursed. Deliver it to Galladucci at his boutique.

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