Quest - Path to Becoming a Lord - Gludio High Five

You must earn support from people of Gludio to become their Lord. But how?

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Contact NPCSayres

Step 1 - What one does to become a Lord

Saius says you must be recognized by local forces in a territory in order to become a Lord. You should meet those who are in power in order to be recognized. Saius will tell you the detailed information a little later. Let's wait.


Step 2 - Find a representative.

Sayres says it will be enough if one can get a support from Blacksmith Pinter of the Grey Column guild, who's in charge of restoring Gludio territory. Saius asks you to appoint someone who can proceed with the work on behalf of you.


Step 3 - Waiting

A representative who can proceed the work on behalf of you has been appointed. Let's wait for him to take good care of the matter.


Step 4 - Supplies for restoration

Pinter asks to provide him with supplies needed for territory restoration works, and asks to check if there's any problem in transporting supplies. Let's discuss with Saius about things we should do next.


Step 5 - Looking for whereabouts of goods

Sayres says it is necessary to check the whereabouts of goods as it is one of the tasks requested by Pinter. He says a Lord would be better to do this by himself. Let's go to see Captain Bathis and find the whereabouts of the goods!


Step 6 - Existence of Headless Knight

Bathis suspects that Headless Knight and the disappeared goods may be related as he's making mention of the existence of Headless Knight. Let's induce Headless Knight to appear by killing the skulls in the ruins. Monsters to be hunted -- Skull Chasseur, Skull Chasseur Captain, Skull Scout, Skull Shooter, Ruin Spartoi, Spartoi Berserker, Skull Shield Soldier, and Skull Infantry

Step 7 - Safety of Territory

It looks like the Headless Knight has gotten rid of the freight. But, the territory has become safe as the Headless Knight has vanished. Let's inform Bathis of this fact.

Step 8 - To Gludio Castle

The big problem has been resolved. Let's go back to the castle and resolve the matter of delivering supplies requested by Pinter.

Step 9 - To Gludio Castle

All problems have been resolved. Let's tell Saius to take care of the rest.

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