Quest - Path to Becoming a Lord - Rune High Five

You must get support from those who are very influential in the Rune territory in order to be a Lord of Rune. How do you gain the support from them?

ID 716
Contact NPCFrederick

Step 1 - Forest of the Dead

Chamberlain Frederick says that we must be familiar with the territory in order to rule it. Let's carefully review incidents with unknown causes that have happened in the Forest of the Dead. (You must complete the quests "Hidden Truth" and "Hiding Behind the Truth." )

Step 2 - High Priest Agripel

I became too aware of Pagan influence as I was looking into the incidents that occurred in the Forest of the Dead. You need to get support from the Pagans in order to become a Lord. Let's go to see Agripel and get the support from the Pagans.


Step 3 - Breakdown of negotiations

Agripel asked us to donate a large sum of money if we want to get their support. We cannot support their methods. Let's talk to Chamberlain Frederick come up with alternatives.


Step 4 - Let's assign a confidant.

Chamberlain Frederick has a great idea and has asked us to recommend a person who can be a confidant. Let's choose a person and go see Frederick.


Step 5 - Waiting

A representative has been appointed to proceed on behalf of you. We must wait for your representative to speak with Innocentin before continuing.


Step 6 - Meeting for revenge

Frederick met with Innocentin. Let's go see Frederick and see what to do next.


Step 7 - Renegotiation

Frederick asked us to renegotiate with Agripel. He says Agripel will not agree immediately, but will eventually agree if those who were sent to Innocentin handle the situation correctly.


Step 8 - Negotiation completed

Negotiation with Agripel is complete. We should go see Frederick and finish this matter.

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