Quest - Into the City of Humans High Five

Centurion Petukai who questions the meaning of strength. The place to go to learn about the history of your defeat is…

ID 9
Contact NPCPetukai
Min. Level3
Max. Level10
Class(es)Orc Fighter, Raider, Destroyer, Monk, Tyrant, Orc Mystic, Shaman, Overlord, Warcryer, Titan, Grand Khavatari, Dominator, Doom Cryer

Step 1 - Centurion's Inquisition

Centurion Petukai, in service to Pa'agrio Lord Kakai, questions the meaning of strength. He asks you to visit Seer Tanapi and get the answer.

Step 2 - To the City of Humans

Seer Tanapi tells you to go to the city of Humans, Giran, to find answers to the questions asked by Orcs. Visit Gatekeeper Tamil.

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