Skill - Arcane Chaos High Five

For 30 seconds, decreases resistance to an enemy\'s buff-canceling attacks by 30%, resistance to de-buff attacks by 30% and drains 24 MP every second. Increases physical skill MP consumption by 10% and magic skill MP consumption by 30%.

Base state
Skill ID 1338
Level 1
Abnormal Level 1
Abnormal Time 30
Abnormal Type MULTI_DEBUFF
Activate Rate 40
Basic Property MEN
Cast Range 600
Effect Point -669
Effect Range 1100
Hit TIme 4000
Icon skill1338
Is Debuff true
Is Magic 1
Level Bonus Rate 1
Magic Level 78
MP Consume 57
MP Initial Consume 15
Operation Type A2
Reuse Delay 15000
Target Type ONE