Skill - Volcano High Five

Continuously inflicts powerful Fire damage. User cannot move while casting, and there is additional MP consumption each time the effect occurs. Consumes 1 Magic Symbol.

Base state
Skill ID 1419
Level 1
Affect Limit 15-25
Affect Range 200
Blocked In Olympiad true
Cast Range 900
Channeling Skill ID 1419
Channeling Tick Interval 2
Effect Point -676
Element 0
Element Power 20
Hit TIme 15000
Icon skill1419
Is Magic 1
Item Consume Count 1
Item Consume ID 8876
Magic Level 80
MP Consume 36
MP Initial Consume 36
MP Per. Channeling 80
Operation Type CA1
Power 500
Reuse Delay 1800000
Static Reuse true
Target Type GROUND