Skill - Touch of Death High Five

Sacrifices oneself to pronounce an Dark curse on an enemy. Cancels up to 5 buffs with 25% probability and consumes 90% CP. For 2 minutes, decreases Max CP by 90% and the power of received HP recovery magic by 30%. Increases susceptibility to de-buff by 30%.

Base state
Skill ID 342
Level 1
Abnormal Level 1
Abnormal Time 120
Abnormal Type TOUCH_OF_DEATH
Activate Rate 80
Basic Property CON
Cast Range 40
Effect Point -1338
Effect Range 400
Hit TIme 1800
HP Consume 669
Icon skill0342
Is Debuff true
Level Bonus Rate 1
Magic Level 78
Next Action Attack true
Operation Type A2
Reuse Delay 150000
Target Type ONE