Skill - Shock Blast High Five

Supplement\'s user\'s P. Atk. with 2486 Power to create a powerful shock wave that stuns an enemy for 8 seconds and decreases their P. Def. by 30% and M. Def. by 30%. Requires a polearm. Over-hit and critical hit are possible. Ignores Shield Defense. Target cancel is possible.

Base state
Skill ID 361
Level 1
Abnormal Level 2
Abnormal Time 9
Abnormal Type STUN
Abnormal Visual Effect STUN
Activate Rate 40
Affect Limit 5-12
Affect Range 150
Base Critical Rate 20
Basic Property CON
Cast Range 500
Effect Point -507
Effect Range 1000
Hit TIme 2500
HP Consume 507
Icon skill0361
Ignore Shield true
Is Debuff true
Level Bonus Rate 1
Magic Level 77
MP Consume 53
Operation Type A2
Over Hit true
Power 2486
Reuse Delay 8000
Target Type AREA