Skill - Angelic Icon / Level 2 High Five

Channels the gods\' strength to greatly increase user\'s combat effectiveness. For 1 minute, increases resistance to de-buff attacks by 40%, P. Def. by 50%, M. Def. by 50%, Accuracy by 6 when a sword/blunt weapon is equipped, Speed by 20, Atk. Spd. by 20% when a sword/blunt weapon is equipped, Critical Rate by 66 when a sword is equipped, Critical Damage by 66% when a blunt weapon is equipped, and resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 40%. Decreases the effect of recovery magic by 80%. Available when HP is 30% or lower.

Base state
Skill ID 406
Level 2
Abnormal Level 2
Abnormal Time 60
Abnormal Type POSSESSION
Effect Point 611
Hit TIme 2000
Icon skill0406
Magic Level 66
MP Consume 153
Operation Type A2
Reuse Delay 300000
Target Type SELF