Skill - Insane Crusher High Five

Unleashes a powerful strike with 8409 Power added to P. Atk. and Dark Curse to surrounding enemies when rage reaches its peak. Cancels at least one of an enemy\'s buffs, and drastically decreases Max CP, resistance to de-buff attacks, and effectiveness of receiving HP recovery. Requires a sword or blunt weapon. Ignores shield defense. Critical and Over-hit are possible.

Base state
Skill ID 762
Level 1
Abnormal Level 1
Abnormal Time 60
Abnormal Type TOUCH_OF_DEATH
Activate Rate 70
Affect Limit 5-12
Affect Range 300
Base Critical Rate 50
Basic Property CON
Cool Time 700
Effect Point -1357
Hit TIme 1300
Icon skill0762
Ignore Shield true
Is Debuff true
Level Bonus Rate 1
Magic Level 81
MP Consume 80
Operation Type A2
Over Hit true
Power 8409
Reuse Delay 10000
Target Type AURA