Skill - Hell Scream High Five

Roars with the voice of hell. For 8 seconds, decreases the nearby enemies\' P. Def. by 30%, M. Def. by 30%, Speed by 30%. Inflicts fear and causes them to flee.

Base state
Skill ID 763
Level 1
Abnormal Level 1
Abnormal Time 8
Abnormal Type TURN_FLEE
Abnormal Visual Effect TURN_FLEE
Activate Rate 90
Affect Limit 10-10
Affect Range 200
Basic Property MEN
Effect Point -6781
Hit TIme 1000
Icon skill0763
Is Debuff true
Level Bonus Rate 1
Magic Level 81
MP Consume 87
Operation Type A2
Reuse Delay 75000
Target Type AURA