• Хроники: Lineage 2 High Five
  • Рейты: x1000
  • Дата и Время Открытие: 13.02.2021 18:00 [Уже открылся]
  • Добавлен: 05.02.2021 19:13

A hot battle awaits you this winter on an incredible High Five x1000 PvP, the server will start on February 13 at 18:00. By choosing our server for the game, you get a 100% guarantee of stable operation throughout the entire playing time. The server is reliably protected from bots, and also has the most modern equipment to repel all types of DDos attacks. A cozy atmosphere, a strong and stable economy, no purchased clans, high online solo players and the world's best implementation of High Five chronicles in Java await you.

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