INSANE MATCH - 17K - Fortnite Match

182163 00:20:12
Alright,let's go have fun.
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» How old are you?


» Where do you live?


» At what age did u start gaming?

Around 4 or 5 years old.

» When did you start streaming?

14th of May 2016

» Business Inquiries
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Insanely appreciate the support. Donations of $5+ will appear on stream

If you aren't able to tip, sharing the stream and being a supporter on social media and even talking in chat is PLENTY.

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Sexual harassment directed towards Myth, mods or anyone else will not be tolerated.

We believe that all of twitch is our community, therefore if you are seen breaking any of the rules above in other channels we will ban you here.

Spamming or deliberately disrupting chat is not permitted and could result in a TIMEOUT and in some cases a BAN.

No self promotion of any kind (Twitch, Youtube or even social media).

Do not demand anything of Myth with regards to the stream.

Do NOT compare streamers in any way.

Be respectful towards other viewers. If they are breaking the rules, inform the mods instead of insulting them and breaking the rules yourself.

Discussing politics or religion in chat is not permitted and will yield appropriate consequences.

As well from these, mods will decide the consequences to certain actions on a situational basis.

Any confusion regarding the decision made by mods can be cleared by PMing them. (Be Respectful)

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