Craft High Five

Name Success rate
icon etc_wooden_quiver_i00 Wooden Arrow 100%
icon weapon_broad_sword_i00 Broadsword 100%
icon weapon_willow_staff_i00 Willow Staff 100%
icon weapon_bow_i00 Bow 100%
icon weapon_cedar_staff_i00 Cedar Staff 100%
icon weapon_dirk_i00 Dirk 100%
icon weapon_brandish_i00 Brandish 100%
icon weapon_short_spear_i00 Short Spear 100%
icon weapon_sword_of_watershadow_i00 Sword of Reflection 100%
icon weapon_short_bow_i00 Forest Bow 100%
icon armor_t05_b_i00 Leather Shoes 100%
icon armor_t05_u_i00 Leather Tunic 100%
icon armor_t05_l_i00 Leather Stockings 100%
icon armor_leather_helmet_i00 Leather Helmet 100%
icon armor_t32_g_i00 Leather Gloves 100%
icon armor_t33_u_i00 Piece Bone Breastplate 100%
icon armor_t33_l_i00 Piece Bone Gaiters 100%
icon accessary_necklace_of_anguish_i00 Necklace of Anguish 100%
icon accessary_necklace_of_wisdom_i00 Necklace of Wisdom 100%
icon etc_spirit_bullet_blue_i00 Soulshot (D-Grade) 100%
icon etc_spirit_bullet_green_i00 Soulshot (C-Grade) 100%
icon etc_spirit_bullet_red_i00 Soulshot (B-Grade) 100%
icon etc_spirit_bullet_silver_i00 Soulshot (A-Grade) 100%
icon etc_spirit_bullet_gold_i00 Soulshot (S-Grade) 100%
icon etc_leather_i00 Leather 100%
icon etc_skein_gray_i00 Cord 100%
icon etc_oriharukon_i00 Oriharukon 100%
icon etc_braided_hemp_i00 Braided Hemp 100%
icon etc_oil_pot_black_i00 Cokes 100%
icon etc_lump_black_i00 Steel 100%
icon etc_powder_white_i00 Coarse Bone Powder 100%
icon etc_mold_i00 Steel Mold 100%
icon etc_pouch_yellow_i00 High-Grade Suede 100%
icon etc_silver_mold_i00 Silver Mold 100%
icon etc_potion_clear_i00 Varnish of Purity 100%
icon etc_synthetic_cokes_i00 Synthetic Cokes 100%
icon etc_compound_braid_i00 Compound Braid 100%
icon etc_lump_white_i00 Mithril Alloy 100%
icon etc_artisans_frame_i00 Artisan's Frame 100%
icon etc_blacksmiths_frame_i00 Blacksmith's Frame 100%
icon etc_crafted_leather_i00 Crafted Leather 100%
icon etc_metallic_fiber_i00 Metallic Fiber 100%
icon accessary_blue_diamond_necklace_i00 Blue Diamond Necklace 100%
icon accessary_necklace_of_devotion_i00 Necklace of Devotion 100%
icon accessary_enchanted_necklace_i00 Enchanted Necklace 100%
icon accessary_tigerseye_earing_i00 Tiger's Eye Earring 100%
icon accessary_elven_earing_i00 Elven Earring 100%
icon accessary_elven_ring_i00 Elven Ring 100%
icon accessary_elven_necklace_i00 Elven Necklace 100%
icon accessary_onyxbeastseye_earing_i00 Omen Beast's Eye Earring 100%