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Hi, I'm QuarterJade!

My name is Jodi but feel free to call me Jade

Aside from streaming, I'm currently a senior attending university with a major in Biology!

I started streaming so I could interact with other people who play the same games as me, so I hope you decide to hangout and join the community ♡


Age: 21

Location: Washington

Ethnicity: half chinese, half norwegian

Height: 5'3

When did I start streaming? 10/5/2017

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All handles are QuarterJade





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Click the image above or HERE

Please never feel obligated to donate, but I appreciate your generosity so so so much and THANK YOU ♡

$2 / 200 bits minimum for alert + TTS

alert variations: • $4.44 - lurk • $8.88 - anime waifu gachiGASM (dear god help me) • $10.10 - most beautiful girl on twitch, thx Jake • $25 - jump scare • $69 - sexy sax

Before donating, please consider that your donations are non-refundable!

PO Box: 1523 132nd St SE, Ste. C #218 Everett WA 98208 .......... i love gifts hehehehehehe

Wishlist: click here

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If you're interested in subscribing, click the image above or click here

Sub perks:

♡ sub games

♡ emotes!!!!

♡ sub discord channel

♡ ad free viewing

♡ not affected by slow mode

♡ sub movie nights

♡ supporting me!!!!!!!! you make my heart happy, thank you

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I am currently a full-time student so I don't have a dedicated stream schedule right now! If you're interested in catching the streams, feel free to turn notifications on and follow my social media (especially my Discord ) where all last minute announcements are posted!

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♡ emotes done by knightartist86 and xpori

♡ special thank you to my greatest supporters:

vegetablewater, K, BrotherFab, itsJeshi, ArgonFalcon, BigFan, wrapt, ToxicDave, Drunk3n_Jester, DeaganPierrott

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