AYAYA every time I flash | Hair dye stream this Friday

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UPDATE 8/20/18

No duplicate winners. Previous 2 time winners will be contacted about potential other compensation.

How do HyperX headset giveaways work?

New giveaway every week! When you see a poll question, answer yes or no (something like will there be a triple kill or will there be over 50 deaths this game)

If you're correct, win HyperX points! Or lose points for wrong answers

At the end of the week, user with the most HyperX points wins the headset! Only accounts that have been active for one month and are slightly active in the chat will be considered for prizes

If it becomes apparent that the winning account is a bot or is one of many accounts owned by the same person, it will be disqualified.

If you have not received your prize after one month, send a twitch inbox message to 'balognabandit' and we will look into it

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Hi! my name is Albert. I'm 22 years old and I like Riven and sometimes do weird things outside. My main account name is 잘 못, my highest ranked account is Jim J Poggers. Enjoy your stay!

Business Inquires : Justin.anderson@unitedtalent.com

Stream Schedule

Weekdays starting approx 1pm PST Occasionally IRL on weekends


Streams last about 4-8 hours

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Subscribing is the best way to support the stream! Anyone subscribed 12 months or more will get a free sub shirt (more information at the bottom of this page).

  • I'll love you forever and ever
  • Immunity to slow mode
  • Immunity to ads
  • Chat during subscriber only mode
  • The super secret Riven-gasm emote
  • Get to use exclusive commands in chat! Such as !tickets buy <1 - 7> // !suck // !soulmate // !getpoints // !enterraffle (int x)

Subscribers also get 4x points from Boxboxbot's trivia! Boxboxbot helps manage parts of my chat and stream for me. Everyone also gains 1 point per minute of being present in chat. Points can greatly increase your chances of winning a raffle. Click here to check your points.

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Q : How old are you?/Are you in school?
A : 22 | I graduated high school in 2014 and am full time streaming.

Q : What are your runes and masteries?
A : You can find my runes and masteries on my opgg.

Q : Who drew your panels?
A : Hyoon

Q : Are you Korean?/Are you gay?
A : Nope

Q : Why do you play Riven so much?
A : I think she's fun!

Q : Why do you cosplay so much?
A : I think it's fun!

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Donations over $2 will appear on stream and play a sound clip! Please do not donate for advertising purposes, 1v1s, or song requests. Thanks for supporting the stream! If you click this button then decide to not donate that's okay too I still love you anyway

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12 month+ subs may redeem these free exclusive Boxbox subscriber shirts.

We are currently changing how sub shirts work. Soon 12 month subs will receive a code to use to order a free shirt. Website is in progress.

What do I do if I submitted my shirt and haven't gotten one yet?

Before, all shirts were handled one by one by my assistant xilixir, we may have missed a couple. Just send a message to xil7 and he will try to resolve it

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