Angel Cat's Blessing High Five

When used, HP Recovery Bonus, Max MP, and Critical Atk. Rate +20%, and you can feel the effects of Prophecy of Water, Might, Haste, Empower, Acumen, Wind Walk, Vampiric Rage, Berserker Spirit, Shield, Focus, Death Whisper, Guidance, Clarity, Wild Magic, and Concentration for 1 hour. Reuse time is 60 minutes. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or destroyed. Can be stored in a private warehouse.

Item ID 21726
Type EtcItem
icon icon br_xmas_miracle_i00 BranchSys.icon.br_xmas_miracle_i00
material LIQUID
weight 5
is_tradable false
is_dropable false
is_destroyable false
is_stackable true