High grade potion which improves attack speed High Five

Magic potion which increases attack speed by 33%. It is very light. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or sold. Item to be stored in a private warehouse.

Item ID 22022
Type EtcItem
icon icon br_cash_adv_swift_attack_potion_i00 br_cashtex.item.br_cash_adv_swift_attack_potion_i00
default_action SKILL_REDUCE
etcitem_type POTION
immediate_effect true
material LIQUID
weight 4
reuse_delay 500
is_tradable false
is_dropable false
is_sellable false
is_stackable true
is_premium true
is_oly_restricted true
is_freightable true
handler ItemSkills
item_skill 26022-1
for_npc true