NPC - Iron Ore Golem High Five

General Information
ID 21137 Level 29
Collision Radius 18 Collision Height 34
HP 573 MP 315
HP Regen 4 MP Regen 1.5
Exp 2 SP 68
Physical Attack 86 Magical Attack 59
Physical Defence 115 Magical Defence 77
Critical 1 Speed Walk / Run 20 / 21
Attack Speed 253 Cast Speed 333
Attack Type BLUNT Attack Range 40
Basic stats
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 20
Attack Type none Power -
Defence Fire 20 Defence Water 20
Defence Wind 20 Defence Earth 20
Defence Holy 20 Defence Dark 20

Item Grade Count Chance
icon etc_adena_i00 Adena
183 - 362 100%
icon weapon_divine_tome_i00 Divine Tome
1 100%
icon etc_skein_white_i00 Thread
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
1 73.8916%
icon etc_silver_i00 Silver Nugget
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
1 1/7
icon etc_skein_gray_i00 Metallic Thread
Material used by a Dwarf to make an item. It can be sold at a regular store.
1 1/27
icon etc_compound_braid_i00 Compound Braid
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
1 1/41
icon etc_scroll_of_resurrection_i00 Scroll of Resurrection
A scroll of enchantment that resuscitates a dead person.
1 1/27
icon etc_scroll_of_resurrection_pet_i01 Blessed Scroll of Resurrection for Pets
A magic scroll that resurrects a dead pet and restores its Exp. completely.
1 1/68

Item Grade Count Chance
icon etc_jewel_box_i00 Enchanted Necklace Chain
A key material that Dwarves use to make an Enchanted Necklace. Can be sold in any shop.
1 1/21
icon etc_recipe_blue_i00 Recipe: Tiger's Eye Earring
For Dwarves only. The recipe for a Tiger's Eye Earring. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 3. The success rate is 100%.
1 1/15
icon etc_piece_of_cloth_white_i00 Dark Stockings Fabric
A key material that Dwarves use to make Dark Stockings. Can be sold in any shop.
1 1/20

Skill Level
icon skill0000 NPC Twister - Slow 4
icon skill4273_new Resist Daggers/Rapier Weapon 3
Resistant to Dagger/Rapier attacks.
icon skill4274_new Blunt Weapon Weak Point 1
Vulnerable to Blunt Weapons.
icon skill0000 HP Increase (1x) 1
icon skill0000 MP Increase (1x) 1
icon skill0141 Slightly Weak P. Atk. 10
icon skill4411_normal Slightly Weak M. Atk. 10
icon skill0142 Slightly Strong P. Def. 12
icon skill4413_normal Slightly Strong M. Def. 12
icon skill0000 Standard Type 2
icon skill0000 Blunt Weapons 5
icon skill4291 Magic Creatures 2
The common name for the biotechnological items of the Magic and Titan Ages. Their M. Atk. is generally strong and they sometimes use high-level magic, such as teleportation.
icon skill4444 Higher Resist Bow/Crossbow Weapons 2
Highly resistant to Bow/Crossbow attacks.