NPC - Messenger High Five

General Information
ID 35627 Level 75
Collision Radius 13 Collision Height 32
HP 2677 MP 1508
HP Regen 9 MP Regen 3
Exp 0 SP 0
Physical Attack 795 Magical Attack 543
Physical Defence 319 Magical Defence 234
Critical 4 Speed Walk / Run 50 / 120
Attack Speed 253 Cast Speed 333
Attack Type SWORD Attack Range 40
Basic stats
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 20
Attack Type none Power -
Defence Fire 20 Defence Water 20
Defence Wind 20 Defence Earth 20
Defence Holy 53 Defence Dark -13

Skill Level
icon skill0000 Resist Full Magic Attack 1
icon skill0000 HP Increase (1x) 1
icon skill0000 MP Increase (1x) 1
icon skill0000 Average P. Atk. 11
icon skill0000 Average M. Atk. 11
icon skill0000 Average P. Def. 11
icon skill0000 Average M. Def. 11
icon skill0000 Standard Type 2
icon skill0000 One-handed Sword 3
icon skill4297 Angels 8
These creatures of the heavenly realm or the race posses sacred blessings and were originally creatures of the spirits of light. In some very rare cases, angels can manifest the gods' will in reality.

quest icon A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts
As a proof that you can train wild animals well, collect 10 pieces of the Crystal of Purity. One thing, when succeeding in the training, you must be near the place to get the Crystal of Purity. Anyone who belongs to the same clan can do the training.