Quest - Supply Check High Five

With Kamael Island now open to the public, Zerstorer Marcela is extremely busy. Fetch supply manifests from each shop for her to help ensure the Kamael advance force is adequately supplied.

ID 174
Contact NPCMarcela
Min. Level2

Help Marcela, who oversees the supply of the advance force stationed outside the island, collect supply reports from each shop. Go to the Warehouse first.

You have obtained the Warehouse Manifest. Return to Marcela.

Go to the Grocery Store next.

You have obtained the Grocery Store Manifest. Return to Marcela.

Go to the Weapons Shop.

You have obtained the Weapons Shop Manifest. Return to Marcela.

Submit Marcela's Report to Vice Hierarch Casca.

The report has been delivered safely to Vice Hierarch Casca. Casca has complemented Marcela's work. Return to Marcela.

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