Quest - Wrath of Verdure High Five

Treant Bremec, a spirit of the forest, is being tormented by wicked little goblins who recently invaded and began logging his forest. He asks for help in restoring peace to his beloved woods.

Contact NPCTreant Bremec
Min. Level4
Max. Level9
Class(es)Elven Fighter, Elven Knight, Temple Knight, Swordsinger, Elven Scout, Plainswalker, Silver Ranger, Elven Mystic, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Elven Oracle, Elven Elder, Sword Muse, Wind Rider, Moonlight Sentinel, Mystic Muse, Elemental Master, Eva's Saint

TargetShadow of the Mother Tree
weapon_club_i00 Goblin Club

The olen treants guarding the Elven Forest seek revenge on the goblins that damaged the forest. So far the sly goblins have managed to escape punishment. Treant Bremec asks for your help. Defeat the goblins and return the clubs that they stole to Treant Bremec and you shall be rewarded. Hunt the goblin raider.