Quest - Proof of Valor High Five

Are you a real Orc Fighter or just a wannabe? Prove yourself!

ID 271
Contact NPCRukain
Min. Level4
Max. Level8
Class(es)Orc Fighter, Raider, Destroyer, Monk, Tyrant, Orc Mystic, Shaman, Overlord, Warcryer, Titan, Grand Khavatari, Dominator, Doom Cryer

Praetorian Rukain treats young Orcs as if they were children. He believes that those who wish to become Orc Fighters must prove their valor by hunting kasha wolves and bringing back fifty of their fangs.

You have taken 50 fangs from the kasha wolves. You have done what it takes to become a brave Orc Fighter. Return to Praetorian Rukain and receive your Proof of Valor.

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