Quest - Path to Becoming a Lord - Schuttgart High Five

You must get support from those who are very influential in the Schuttgart territory in order to be a Lord. How do you gain the support from them?

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Chamberlain August says you must be recognized by local forces in a territory in order to become a Lord. You should meet those who are in power in order to be recognized. August will provide you detailed information a little later. Let's wait.


Chamberlain August said you must maintain a good relationship with dwarves. Newyear, the Head Blacksmith, is the most influential dwarf in Schuttgart, so let's go to see him.


Head Blacksmith Newyear has asked us to help them. First, let's take care of the Giant Pavel Ruins problem for Newyear.


Head Blacksmith Newyear shows his appreciation for defending the last Pevel's relic. Now we have gained Newyear's support. Let's go to see Yasheni in order gain support from the Iron Gate Guild.


Yasheni says the problem of Pavel Ruins has been resolved, but asks us to defeat remaining Golems. Let's defeat the Golems at the relics of the ancient research center. Monsters to be hunted - Golems at the relics of the ancient research center - Guard Golem, Micro Reconnoiter Golem, Great Chaos Golem, Boom Golem

The Golems have been defeated to some extent. Let's inform to Yasheni.


We gained the support from Yasheni. Let's return to August now.

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