Armor Sets - S84 Grade - Elegia High Five

STR+3, CON-2.P. Atk. increases by 6.59% when equipped; Critical rate increases by 127; Resistance to bleed/hold/sleep attacks increases by 50%; Resistance to magic damage increases by 2%; Max. HP increases by 550; Resistance to fire/water/wind/earth attributes increases by 5; Recover HP as a part of damage inflicted on an enemy. Can equip a cloak.

Elegia Helmet
icon armor_helmet_i00 No alternative
Elegia Breastplate
icon armor_t97_u_i00 No alternative
Elegia Gaiter
icon armor_t97_l_i00 No alternative
Elegia Gauntlet
icon armor_t97_g_i00 No alternative
Elegia Boots
icon armor_t97_b_i00 No alternative
Elegia Shield
icon heavengate_shield_i01 No alternative
Equip bonus: icon skill0042 icon armor_t97_u_i00 STR: 3 CON: -2
Enchant bonus: icon skill0231

STR+1, DEX+2, CON-2. When equipped, increases P. Atk. by 6.59%, Atk. Spd. by 6%, critical rate by 171, resistance to paralysis attacks by 50%, Speed by 3%, and resistance to fire/water/wind/earth attributes by 5. Can equip a cloak.

Elegia Leather Helmet
icon armor_leather_helmet_i00 No alternative
Elegia Leather Breastplate
icon armor_t98_u_i00 No alternative
Elegia Leather Legging
icon armor_t98_l_i00 No alternative
Elegia Leather Gloves
icon armor_t98_g_i00 No alternative
Elegia Leather Boots
icon armor_t98_b_i00 No alternative
Equip bonus: icon skill0042 icon armor_t98_u_i00 STR: 1 DEX: 2 CON: -2
Enchant bonus: icon skill0233

When equipped, increases M. Atk. by 10%, Casting Spd. by 15%, MP Recovery bonus by 5%, Speed by 7, Max MP by 97, Resistance to stun by 50%, and resistance to Fire/Water/Wind/Earth by 5. Decreases MP consumption for magic skills by 3%. Can equip a cloak. WIT+2, INT+1, MEN-2

Elegia Circlet
icon armor_circlet_i00 No alternative
Elegia Tunic
icon armor_t99_u_i00 No alternative
Elegia Stockings
icon armor_t99_l_i00 No alternative
Elegia Gloves
icon armor_t99_g_i00 No alternative
Elegia Shoes
icon armor_t99_b_i00 No alternative
Equip bonus: icon skill0042 icon armor_t99_u_i00 INT: 1 WIT: 2 MEN: -2
Enchant bonus: icon skill0234